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Wright Flyer, 1/39, Revell/Monogram, RM5243

Description: Wright Flyer, "First Powered Flight". Kit includes detailed flyer, launch rail, 2 figures, rigging thread, and various pieces of equipment. Also includes instructional manual for building a diorama.

Retail Price $15.00;  Shipping $6.00

Spad XIII, 1/72 Scale, Revell RG4192

Retail Price $6.95   Shipping $6.00 #4.05

Spad XIII, 1/48 Scale, Revell RG4657

Retail Price $30.00; Shipping $7.00

Spad XIIIC-1, 1/48 Testors, TS0617

Description: Spad XIII C.1. WW I French fighter used by USAAS. Mkgs for 17 Pursuit Sqn.

Retail Price; $7.95;  Shipping $7.00

Spad VIIC, 1/32, Roden, RD0615

Description: Lafayette and USAAF Service. WWI era Société Pour L'Aviation et ses Dérivés' fast and rugged single-bay biplane fighter kit. Features highly detailed exterior and forward fuselage interior - including fully detailed cockpit and Hispano-Suiza V-8 engine. Also includes separately molded control surfaces and cowling panels, injection-molded windscreen, subtle 'fabric-on-frame' surfaces and rigging diagram. Decals and painting reference for 3 aircraft flown by American pilots: S.2124, Escadrille 80, Frank Baer, France , winter 1917-1918; S.1777, Escadrille N.124 (Escadrille Lafayette), Raoul Lufbery, France, late 1917 and S.3301, George Turnure, 103rd Aero Squadron, United States Army Air Service, spring 1918.

Retail Price $70.00;  Shipping $8.00

Nieuport, 1/72 Scale, Revell RG4189

Retail Price $6.95; Shipping $6.00

Nieuport 17C.I, 1/48 Testors, TS0613

Description: Nieuport 17C.1. WW I French fighter. 'Escadrille' Sgt R. Soubiran.

Retail Price; $7.95; Shipping $7.00

Nieuport 17, 1/48, Eduard, EU8432

Description: Nimble WWI Delage-designed sesquiplane fighter. Kit features detailed exterior with engraved panel lines and appropriate fabric-on-frame effects, well detailed cockpit and radial engine, fuselage-mounted Vickers machine gun, injection-molded wind screen and rigging diagram. NO masks or photo-etch included. Decals and color painting reference for a single aircraft: N3139 of Ten Fulco Ruffo di Calabria, 91a Squadriglia on the Italian Front during the spring of 1917.

Retail Price $18.00;  Shipping $7.00

Nieuport 17, 1/32, Academy, MH12110

Description: Nieuport 17. WW I French fighter. Detailed exterior, cockpit & engine. Mkgs for Nungesser and Guynemer.

Retail Price; $20.00;  Postage $10.00

Nieuport 24, 1/72 Scale by Roden

Description: Gustave Delage-design WWI sesquiplane chaser evolved from the Ni.17 and endowed with pleasant more curvaceous lines; initial variant fit with tail unit incorporating curved rudder with fixed fin and semicircular tailplane. Kit features restrained fabric-over-frame effects, detailed cockpit, rotatable 1-piece Le Rhone radial engine, fuselage-mounted Vickers machine gun and rigging diagram. Decals and painting reference for 3 aircraft: French Aviation Militaire N3987 piloted by 11 kill ace Sous-Lieutenant William Herisson of Escadrille N.75, 1917; French Aviation Militaire N3961 of Escadrille N.91, 1917; French Aviation Militaire unknown serial assigned to Escadrille N.89, 1917; and unknown serial of the Japanese Army Air Force, Tokosawa, 1917.

Retail Price $15.95;  Shipping $6.00

Sopwith Camel, 1/72 Scale by Roden

Description: Sopwith Camel with Bentley Engine. WWI British-built biplane fighter kit. The most powerfully engined version of the famed family powered by the 150hp Bentley BR.1 radial, model features detailed exterior, cockpit and powerplant.

Retail Price $12.95;   Shipping $6.00

Sopwith Triplane, 1/72 Scale, Revell RG4187

Retail Price $6.95;  Shipping $6.00

Bristol F.2B, 1/72 Scale, Airfix AX01080

Retail Price $6.95;  Shipping $6.00

SE5a, 1/48 Scale by Lindberg, LI72581

Description: WWI British-built biplane fighter. Vintage mold kit with raised panel detail, detailed engine, basic cockpit with seat and pilot figure, control yoke, and standing ground crewman. Includes rigging wire, tail skid dolly and wheel chocks. Decals and painting guide for two aircraft, No 35 Squadron, RFC, and 'C' Flight, 25th Aero Squadron, USAAS.

Retail Price $10.95;  Shipping $6.00 #10.19

S.E.5a, 1/32 Scale, Encore, EC32002

Description: WWI British biplane fighter, early production variant with Hispano-Suiza V-8 engine as flown by 57 victory ace James McCudden VC, DSO, MC. Kit has detailed cockpit and engine, plus exterior with subtle 'fabric-over-frame' appearance. Features resin parts (including exhaust pipes, cockpit decking with field modified 'bulged' sides and standing figure of Captain McCudden), extensive 3-sheet photo-etch parts (exterior and cockpit details including color instruments and seatbelts) and film windscreens/inspection panels. Decals and color painting guide for 2 aircraft flown by McCudden while serving with No 56 Squadron RAF during 1917: BA4863 and BA4851.

Retail Price $60.00;   Shipping $8.00

Hannover CL.IIIa, 1/72 Scale, Airfix

Description: WWI era German single-engine, 2-seat, ground attack biplane unique in having a bi-plane tail affording a wider field of fire for the observer/gunner. Features recessed panel lines, fabric effect, basic cockpit, seated pilot figure, standing gunner figure and machine gun. Decals and painting reference for 2 aircraft of an unknown unit on the Western Front during 1918: 3879/18 and 3892/18.

Retail Price $6.95;  Shipping $6.00

R.E.8, 1/72 Scale, Airfix, AX01076

Description: Rugged and reliable 2-seat reconnaissance biplane served with the Royal Flying Corps from 1926 through the end of the Great War. Features recessed panel lines, fabric effect, basic cockpit, seated pilot figure and seated gunner with machine gun. Decals and painting reference for 2 aircraft: D4689, 'P', Lt Armstrong and Lt Mort of 9 Squadron, Royal Air Force, June 1918 and A3715 of the Belgian Air Force, 1917.

Retail Price $6.95;  Shipping $6.00

De Havilland DH4, 1/48 Scale by Roden

Description: WWI era British two-seat biplane day-bomber, RAF3a engined high altitude variant. Kit features includes new tool upper fuselage deck and radiator, appropriate fabric-on-frame effects, detailed cockpits with interior fuselage structure, cowl-mounted Vickers gun, dual over-wing Lewis guns, Scarff ring-mounted rear Lewis gun, 2 external fuselage bombs with racks, optional spinner. Also includes rigging diagram and film windscreens. Decals for 3 British aircraft: RNAS A7459 'Allolédé Bird', modified for long-range Kiel Canal photo reconnaissance, summer 1917; RFC A7557 of No 16 Squadron at La Bellevue, September 1917 and RFC A7694 of No 49 Squadron at La Bellevue, December 1917.

Retail Price $32.00;  Shipping $7.00

Handly Page WWI Bomber, 1/72 Scale, Airfix AX0600

Retail Price $26.95;  Shipping $6.00


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