What's The Best Way To Heat An Above Ground Pool?

What’s The Best Way To Heat An Above Ground Pool?

There are several ways to heat your pool, and above ground pool heaters are the best options for you. You can use solar energy, electric heat pumps, gas heaters, or even floatation blankets. But which option is best for you? Below, we will discuss the pros and cons of each method and the overall costs of installing one. After all, you want to save money wherever possible, right?

Electric heat pumps

While many people think that an electric heat pump is the most efficient way to heat above-ground pools, there are a few downsides to this type of heating system. While heat pumps are easy to use, they require a professional electrician to hook them up. You should also be sure to install the unit in a location that can accommodate a 30 amp circuit breaker. If the unit is going to be placed on top of the ground, you will need to dig a trench to bury the wire. Choosing a heat pump that’s installed in a close location will be cheaper.

Gas heaters

While there are many advantages to gas heaters for heating an above-ground pool, you should consider the maintenance required to keep your new investment running smoothly. The first step to ensuring your gas heater is working properly is to install a 120 gal. If you don’t want to buy an entire propane tank, consider a propane heater instead. The propane company will install the heater for a fee and test it before you use it. You will then receive a monthly bill from the propane company.

Floating blankets

If you have an above-ground pool and want to increase its heat level, floating blankets are the perfect solution. These blankets have the advantage of reducing evaporation by almost zero. They are also easy to use and can be rolled by hand. The downside of these blankets is that they are not ideal for pools with small children, as they can entrap them.

Wood-fired heaters

If you’re interested in using an above-ground pool heater to keep the water warm, consider a wood-fired heater. These are particularly popular in cold climates. Unlike most other pool heaters, these are not connected to the water heating system of the rest of the house, so you’ll have to do some extra work to keep the water warm. Another advantage to wood-fired heaters is that they won’t steal hot water from other users.

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